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“The 12 new Rules for Work and Life Success” is how Dr. Barbara Moses describes her book, “Career Intelligence” which I am now reading. I am reading the imprint available in India from HarperCollins. Dr. Moses, who Fast Company called a “career guru” is the President of her firm, BBM Human Resource Consultants and has written acclaimed books such as “Career Planning Workbook” and “Managers’ Career Coaching Guide.”

Barbara has generously given you access to a whole lot of articles on how to plan and manage your career in her website.

You should read “Career Intelligence” for yourself, but I do want a share a few points which I found very interesting:

#”The concepts of work turf and personal turf are eroding. We have become too enabled by technology. We have become wired in all the time to meet the demands of a never-sleep, never-stop business world.”

# “With the explosion of scientific knowledge and information-processing power, the pace of skills obsolescence is constantly accelerating.” Canadian futurist John Kettle predicts that half the technical skills of today’s graduates will be obsolete within 3-7 years of graduation.

# There are a host of New Skills for the New Workplace. You would do well to understand what these are and how good you are at them.

# As a general rule, “you will get more return for your investment of your time and effort by becoming better at what you are already good at.”

The world of today’s workplace is changing faster than ever before. Your ability to understand new requirements and be capable of measuring up is the only chance you have to stay in the race.