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With “Lucky For Some, 13” my second thriller to be launched on December 1, there is a lot of excitement in the air for me. A book launch is a momentous occasion. It is the culmination of months of hard work. What you have produced by way of your ideas for a story plot and converted to a story with your writing skills as an author has now been packaged by the publisher in an attractive manner. The result: a book your readers would like to buy.

“Lucky for Some, 13” is built on a terror plot. You will find more information about the book in “Prem Rao, Storyteller.” Although it is a work of fiction, I would like to think that the story leaves the reader contemplating on a whole host of issues which are extremely relevant today. What these issues are I hope to cover in detail in a subsequent post.

I had the pleasure of interacting with Jayanthi Madhukar of the “Bangalore Mirror” recently. I have spoken of my new book in this interview, which I hope you will like.