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I don’t know about you, but as an author, I spend a lot of time sitting. More in front of the computer. I would be keying in stories, blogging and so on , so much so that hours together pass in these activities. On top of that is another pastime, that of watching television. Honestly, I haven’t figured just how long I sit every day. I must do that one of these days.

I thought of this when I read this article by Gretchen Reynolds in the New York Times.

The article speaks of research which points towards people who sit for long periods of time running the risk of shorter and less robust lives. I was encouraged to find that I was not alone. I read that the average adult spends 50-70% of their time sitting.

So what do we do about this? I like to walk around from time to time. I try to take a break every half hour or so. I don’t do any exercises so to speak but just get out of that chair for some time. “Why Sitting Too Much Is Dangerous” by Joann Pan explains the dangers of sitting for too long and gives you solutions to the problem as well.

Maintain a good posture when you sit. The way you sit determines the extent of stress caused to your body. Some of us have no option but to sit for long periods of time. Our jobs demand this of us. We can, however, take active steps to ensure we don’t suffer too much damage in the process.