If you aren’t yet on Facebook, tell me, where are you? News just comes in that Facebook has topped one billion active users. That’s something, isn’t it? Some of the stats. there are mind-boggling.

Interestingly, the median age of those who joined last week was 22.

I have used Facebook extensively since I joined on August 3, 2007. I find it very useful to share information on my writing projects using the FB Page feature. I now have FB Pages for my debut novel, “It Can’t Be You”, for my soon-to-be published novel, “Lucky For Some, 13” and for my work in progress, another thriller called, “Let The Dead Stay Dead.” Apart from these, I am consolidating all my writing in a Page called, “Prem Rao, Story Teller.”

I have had the opportunity to make innumerable new friends, develop new interests and learn a lot in the bargain. I can assure you the time spent on Facebook has been well worth it.

Earlier, it was thought that Facebook was primarily for the young. It felt kind of strange for kids to find their parents enter Facebook and their world. I read of a guy who wrote, “WTF, my Dad is now on FB!”. His father happened to see the comment and asked, “What does WTF mean?”. The boy, he was a smart kid, replied, ” It means, ‘Welcome to Facebook’!”