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At a time when there are ever so many books which tell you how to be a better manager jostling the bookshelves,  here’s one that comes as a refreshing change. Judith Leary-Joyce is the CEO of Great Companies Consulting and she uses all the experience she has gained in presenting a succint and very readable book titled ” Inspirational Manager”.

The by line says, ” How to build relationships that deliver results.” Apart from the content, I was very impressed by the presentation of the material. The book is made up of 14 Chapters which deal with topics such as: Coaching, Leadership, Performance Management and Recruitment. The book covers the entire gamut of what a manager needs to do, and do effectively.

Easy to use actions, bulleted key points and interesting, thought -provoking quotes help the reader navigate the many lessons in the book. Here are a few samples:

  • “What you intend and what people receive might not be the same thing>”
  • “Feel free to apologize”
  • “Emotions are key to effective relationships>”

Ultimately, management is about getting the best out of your team members and your colleagues.  Also, your ability to be a strong team player yourself and the positive image you create about your self in the organization. You can’t do this without having positive relationships, which is what this book is all about.

The version I read is published by Pearson Power for sale in India and neighboring countries. It is well worth the Rs 350 you would invest to learn how to be more inspirational as a manager.

Well done, Judith. I wish your book the success it richly deserves.