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Aren’t we sick and tired with a lot of negatives in India today? The TV channels and the newspapers speak of little else other than the scams, be it the 2G spectrum  scam or the more recent Coalgate scam. In today’s post, I would like to point you to two news makers who have done something positive in an India which has so much negativity.

The first story is about 45 year old Dipendra Manocha and his work to make life easier for the visually handicapped. Manocha knows what it is like as he himself lost his sight at the age of 12 due to a genetic disorder. Developing technological solutions to help the visually handicapped has become his life’s mission. “There is still a lot to be done. There are barriers and new paths to be covered. I have this sense of responsibility for others,” he says. I admired his zeal to help those whose plight we seldom understand. May his tribe increase.

On the sports front, Unmukt Chand made headlines for his brilliant century which helped the India Under 19s win the World Cup. Leading from the front as a captain should, he steered India to victory for the third time in the Under 19 World Cup. The earlier wins had come under the captaincy of Mohd. Kaif in 2000 and Virat Kohli in 2008. Impressed by Chand, a shrewd judge of cricket talent like Ian Chappell predicts that he will soon play for his country in the big league.

Going back to the past to re-tell an old story in the context of all that’s going on today, I applaud NDTV for their show India Matters on August 25. It describes eloquently the sorrow of the family of a man who gave up his life for the nation. I am glad this was shown as sadly as the years go by, the story of the INS Khukri itself is not widely known. The park created in memory of the Indian Navy men who went down in the frigate INS Khukri in the 1971 war  was destroyed to make way for the scam hit Adarsh project. The feats of Capt Mahendra Nath Mulla, Mahavir Chakra who in the highest traditions of the Navy went down with his ship need to be re-told to a younger audience who may not know about his courage.