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The paintings are amazing!They cover a vast range of subjects and you are compelled to admire them for their beauty. They are arranged in various themes and some capture nature at its best. They are created by painters who sadly have disabilities sustained at birth or through an accident or illness that prohibits them from using their hands.Showing indomitable spirit, these painters use their mouth or feet to paint and have been supported by the Mumbai, India based Mouth & Foot Painting Artists, (MFPA), which has been in existence now for more than 50 years.

These men and women are truly handicapped in body, but not in spirit. As they say, they are for self-help, not charity. You can support their cause in several ways. With the festive season coming in a few months, you could use their cards and other gift items for your corporations or organizations. You would be serving a noble cause and spreading the word about their spirit and talent.

These cards can be paid for by credit cards and are delivered world wide. Your purchasing their paintings helps the painters meet their financial needs.

The website says it so well, “Over the last 50 years, MFPA has brought to the forefront, the aesthetic creations of these disabled artists by providing them a platform to express their artistic talent. Instilling a sense of freedom and dignity, the Association offers its members an opportunity to earn an independent, honest and secure livelihood through the sale of their artwork.”

Do support this worthy cause and help these painters help themselves. It would be wonderful if you could spread the word about these artists and paintings amongst your family and friends who might be interested.

Seeing is believing. You would be convinced if you spend just a few minutes looking at what these talented people have to offer.