” What Gets You Up In The Morning?”. I loved this phrase from leadership consultant and coach, John Baldoni. In his guest blog in HBR, he says this is one of five crucial questions you need to ask yourself, if you are contemplating a change in your career.

I was struck by his saying that this question was at the heart of self-motivation. This is so true!  Do you get up eager to do what you know best or does the thought of another work day take you deeper into the safety of your bed?

Be it writing thrillers, preparing blog posts or participating in several social networks in which I am active, I  am genuinely enjoying all that I do. I also like to think that I give and gain from the very process of participation. This gets me up in the morning! As an additional benefit, I get the feeling that I “belong” to various groups, as otherwise leading a retired life can only be too lonely.

The amount I have gained from new friends, new contacts and new groups has been truly immense. I hope over the years I too, in some small way, have contributed whatever I know to others. I remember being asked at the fag-end of my career as an executive coach as to what my life goal was. I replied , ” At this stage of my life and career, it is to help people grow.”

Career choices need to be carefully thought through. It is easy to change in haste, and repent at leisure. Do what you love to do and you won’t have to work a day in your life.