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Have you experienced this phenomenon concerning time and memory? There are some days when you don’t remember what happened yesterday or even a few hours ago. Yet, there are others when events and chance meetings bring back memories of decades ago. You remember things that happened so long ago as clearly as if they happened the day before.

I had some interesting experiences recently. A couple of days ago, we had the Pan South India Alumni Meet of my alma mater, XLRI, at the ITC Gardenia in Bangalore. I met my class mates from the Batch of’74. There were as many as seven of us and it was great to see them again. Someone pointed out that forty years ago, in May 1972, we had joined XLRI together as 20-somethings, eager to learn and grow.

Earlier that day, I attended a wedding where an old gentleman looked awfully familiar. I don’t know how but his name came to me and I walked up to him. “Are you Mr. Subbanna?” I asked. ” Yes, who are you?” he said. We got talking and I pointed out that we had worked together thirty years ago. He was much older than me and is now in his 80’s. We had last met when I left that company to join Wipro in 1982.

At the same XLRI get together, I met people with whom I had worked twenty years ago in 1992. There were many old friends at that gathering. Advance to 2002, a decade ago, by which time I had become an independent consultant offering specialist services in Talent Management. I met at the same party, several executives for whose organizations, I had done consulting and training work. They had been my clients at one time.

Cut to the present in 2012. Since 2010, my focus has been on writing and here I met several people who spoke of my book. It warmed my heart to know that people had liked my book and were asking when the next one was due.

Yes, as I started off by saying, memory at times does play tricks. Luckily, at other times it holds you in good stead as it did for me that evening, when I was delighted to meet friends cutting across four decades.