For us authors, our books are like our kids. More so, our debut novels. A friend once described the process of waiting expectantly for your book to be published as being akin to delivering a child. “It Can’t Be You”, a psychological thriller, which was my debut novel published in November 2010 continues to do well.Just as rankings on Amazon are followed closely in the US, the rankings on Flipkart have attained considerable significance here in India. I am delighted to see that more than one and a half years after its publication, ICBY is on an upsurge once again. Less than a month ago, on April 26, 2012  it was 669 out of 45,500 titles under Suspense & Thrillers.

I find today it is listed at 347 out of 45642 titles in this category. Yes, as I was saying, it’s nice to see your kid do well!