I am disappointed with Sachin Tendulkar though I have been a fan of his since long. I have no hesitation in saying that his feats have been quite incredible. The stats. speak for themselves but a note of discord has set in, to my mind, in recent months. Yes, he has finally scored his 100th international century and the whole world is happy and relieved that this milestone has finally been reached.

However, it should be admitted that if any other batsman, other than Sachin looking for that elusive 100th international 100, had scored 114 in 147 balls vs Bangladesh, every one would have come down on him like a ton of bricks. But since it was a momentous occasion for Sachin after nearly 23 years cricket at the highest level, we realize it is churlish to blame him for India losing that crucial match. As subsequent events proved, this resulted in our elimination from the Asia Cup. Many felt it was a victory for Sachin but a loss for India.

His claim at the recent media interview that those who were advising him on his retirement did not bring him into the team is but painfully obvious. He was selected for the tremendous talent he exhibited at the precocious age of 16. Today, 23 years later things have changed. The expectations of millions of fans have also changed.

His views that his 100 international hundreds cannot be compared with Muralidharan’s 800 Test wickets is spot on. We can’t forget that Sachin’ s great feat includes 49 hundreds made in ODIs. If Murali’s 534 ODI wickets were to be counted than the right figure for comparison is 1334 vs 100 and not 800 vs 100.

Sachin, in my view, should have quit after India won the World Cup. He would have retired in glory.  In the past he has been choosy about the matches he plays. His eagerness to play the Asia Cup in Bangladesh which he probably wouldn’t have bothered about if he had done better in the last tours of England and Australia was a clear indication that he was chasing milestones, though he keeps insisting he was playing only out of passion for the game.

You are too revered a figure, Sachin, to go out in disgrace. I hope you will realize that the cricket crazy fan is extremely fickle minded. There is speculation that you want to play in the 2015 World Cup. Let the day not come when more want you out than want you in.