This being my first post for 2012, I thought it appropriate to share thoughts on my plans for the year as a writer. Generally, we make turns in our lives based on some triggers.I wonder if I hit upon one recently. I realized that my skills as a writer would improve if I were to broaden my repertoire. Was I getting typecast in one mold as a writer of thrillers, I asked myself. My first foray into writing, and that too aged 59, was in fiction. I wrote a psychological thriller called “It Can’t Be You” which, I am glad to say, has been well received. My second book, again in fiction, was rather different. It was a collection of short stories set in contemporary India called “He Sees Everything & Other Short Stories.”

Not surprisingly, I am working on two other fiction projects, both of which are thrillers. The first is likely to be published in August 2012 while the second is still work in progress. These apart, I am passionately involved in my first non-fiction project, which is based on the writings of my favorite author, P.G.Wodehouse.  This is called “‘A Toast To Plum”. It is not a biography of Wodehouse but more on the lines of a compendium of people and places that appear in his books. This is not a path breaking venture as there have been several books in the past on this theme, most notably Daniel H. Garrison’s “Who’s Who in Wodehouse.” I Like to think that someday my effort will complement and not substitute a Garrison in the book shelf of every Wodehouse fan .

Going back to my deep interest in reading biographies as a kid, I hope to take up  “Life Writing” in the future. As the name suggests, it’s that part of non-fiction writing in which you would convert the memories of one’s own life or someone else’s to an interesting book.

As a kid I enjoyed reading biographies and autobiographies. You must remember that I was in my teens in the 60s, the Second World War had been over for the last fifteen years and this had led to a spew of biographies and autobiographies of military leaders. This led to my deep interest in things military.

The New Year lies ahead of us. I am scanning the horizon for a subject for my debut into life writing. No, it won’t be me, that’s for sure. Not yet, at any rate.

I would like to convey my best wishes to you and yours for a successful and happy New Year.