An old friend had dropped in and we were chatting, as often is the case when old friends meet, of the “good old days.” In the old days, you would have information about old friends only if you met them in person or had received a letter from them. This was in the pre- email era when one had to wait for the postman to deliver letters! Relationships and keeping up with them have changed with the advent of Facebook, haven’t they?Today with Facebook you can keep in touch with family and friends from all over the world virtually on a minute-to minute basis. Timeline is a new feature introduced in Facebook where you can track high points of what you said or did over the years.

In the earlier years, I maintained that LinkedIn was for my “professional” contacts and Facebook was for my friends. Now that I am a published author I find the difference blurring. Many in the writing community use Facebook more than LinkedIn as far as I have observed. I am now credited with over 1000 friends of Facebook, most of them having to do with writing, books, literature, the arts and so on. These are of course supplemented by friends from school, college and graduate school as also family.

I have made many new friends from Facebook. I have pursued my interests ( like for P.G.Wodehouse) and worked towards building a platform for my career as a writer through my FB Pages. We have a FB Page called “Fans of P.G.Wodehouse” which has over 2800 members worldwide. I also have FB Pages for each of my books and projects.

In this day and age, I believe, you have to be on Facebook to use its advantages and reach out to people who you might never have met otherwise.