It never ceases to amaze me how people can blindly follow their, what we in India would call, “filmy” heroes, in real life. Newspaper reports speak of the Kannada film star Darshan beating up his wife and being arrested as a consequence. His beating her up, for whatever reasons, is deplorable by itself. What makes it worse is that his “concerned fans'” demanded his release. They were protesting against any action being taken against him. What a sad case for being a role model!

Elsewhere in Bangalore, preparations are on for La Tomatina. Many people feel like I do that this is ” not on”  in a country where so many go without food. Call me old-fashioned but in my view this is an example of blindly following a Western fad. The money spent on this event or indeed those tomatoes can perhaps be given to the needy.

If nothing else, could the tomatoes be thrown on wife beaters like Darshan instead!