I am trying something different today. Instead of a blog post on any one topic, I am sharing a few observations on things that caught my attention recently. This is the time of the year when snakes come out in India. From time to time we hear of snakes being killed, often ironically by the same people who worshipped them a few days ago in the festival of Nagapanchami. Nitin Shenoy is a techie who spends a lot of his spare time rescuing snakes. The article in DNA about him says he can be contacted at 9632040187 if you want his expert assistance. He has rescued over 400 snakes including Indian spectacled cobras, Russell Vipers and rat snakes. He is one of 36 volunteers in the BBMP’s Wildlife Rescue Cell in Bangalore.

In another story the Comptroller and Auditor General of India ( CAG) who is very much in the news these days, has named former Maharashtra Chief Ministers, Sushilkumar Shinde and Ashok Chavan as being the key perpetrators in the infamous Adarsh case.Do I hear you cursing them, as we all do? The most common grouse in India today is about the poor quality of our political leaders. But they didn’t elect themselves, right? They got elected by us.

So I end with what the Chief Election Commissioner S..Y.Quraishi said recently ” Youth and urban voters don’t turn out to cast their votes….but if you don’t vote, you have no business to crib on formation of government”. There’s a lot of truth in that. Time for us to reflect on how seriously or otherwise we take our roles as citizens of India.