I realize that this blog post won’t help to resolve my problem but it does get an irritation off my chest! It’s about the poor customer service from Bharti Airtel, the service provider for my landline. When I went to the US I had applied for the landline to be taken into “safe custody” for two months. This was done and that’s great as it saved me some money. My problem started when I got back.

I visited their office in person and submitted an application for reactivation of the land line on July 26. This despite my earlier application submitted in May for reactivation effective a specific date in July. One would have thought this would be more than adequate. Anyway, the lady at the desk said it would be done within 48 hours and I went away. Almost a week had gone by when I called yesterday to enquire. I was shocked to be told that action was being taken to deactivate my land line and it would be done within the next 24 hours. It has been de activated for the last two months, for crying out loud!

I was then informed that a fresh request has been lodged for reactivation and it would be done in the next 12 hours. Guess what? It’s been more than 24 hours and nothing has been done as yet.

What tipped the scale to make me decide to write this was what I saw on page 1 in the DNA newspaper today. I find that Bharti Airtel has proposed to increase the compensation of its Chairman, Sunil Mittal to Rs 70 crores per year. Imagine doubling his salary when service is in the pits! Surely there is a crying need to improve customer service. The mobile companies in India have experienced  such astonishing rates of growth that they don’t seem to bother if service has fallen by the wayside.