I cannot claim to have known him well but I have met him a few times at gatherings of the RPG Group. When I got to ICIM in the mid-90s, Raghu Pillai had moved to head RPG’s infant retail sector so I didn’t have the opportunity to work with him. However one did, from time to time, hear of the innovative things he did in opening up entirely new markets and segments in India which have since grown to gigantic proportions.

It was sad to hear that Raghu passed away following a cardiac arrest recently at Chennai. He was just 53. After the RPG Group, he had led the retail ventures in groups like Reliance and was the CEO of Future Value Retail of Kishore Biyani’s Future Group.

Seeing the many tributes that are flowing in from his old-colleagues, Raghu, an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad seems to have been a visionary and an excellent role model.

Farewell, Raghu, you have made that last sale. May your soul rest in peace.