Having been through a coronary bypass graft surgery myself in July 2010, I try in a small way to help others be aware of the risks of cardiovascular disorders. In this context, a news item in the DNA newspaper of March 26 startled me. It said that  these were some of the findings of a survey done by SaffolaLife covering over 60,000 respondents across different cities in India :-

  1. Four out of ten urban Indians are at the risk of cardiovascular disorders
  2. Nearly 54 % of Bangaloreans are at risk as against the national average of 44.8 %
  3. 25 % of those treated in the well known Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology are below 40 years of age. 10 % of these are in the 25-30 bracket

The article makes you sit up and think. There are many things that we can do to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders.

Principal amongst them are quit smoking,  maintaining a good diet, having adequate exercise and reducing the amount of stress.

It’s a pity that these signs of ill health  are directly attributable to growth and prosperity. What is the use of being prosperous , if you don’t have the good health to enjoy it? Or worse still, if you aren’t around to enjoy the fruits of your labour.