Followers of this blog will know that my debut novel, “It Can’t Be You” a psychological thriller was published in November 2010. As a debut author, naturally one of the FAQs I have now got used to facing is ” How’s your book doing? When I was part of the corporate world, figures for sales and revenues were fairly easily available for which ever organization I worked. In the publishing business, however,  I realize that I can’t authoritatively reel off statistics about sales and the like since that is squarely in the realm of the publisher. I can however comment on the coverage in the media and the reviews it has received. I am very honoured that currently it ranks No. 33 out of 17310 titles in the “Suspense” category in Flipkart, a very popular online business. What thrills me is merely being on the same list as some of the authors I have admired for long like Mario Puzo, John La Carre, John Grisham, David Baldacci and Stephen King amongst others.

The book’s website and Facebook Page have links to all the reviews and media coverage for “It Can’t Be You”.

I would really appreciate receiving your feedback, comments and views after reading the book/visiting these sites.