My friend, Rashmi Kumar invited me to a Workshop on Emotional Health Management being held in Delhi on March 12, 2011. This is being organised by Sumaitri,  a crisis intervention centre which helps the suicidal and the depressed. The feeling of acute helplessness, loneliness and being misunderstood often drives some people, especially amongst the young to contemplate suicide as a quick solution to all their problems.

There is hard evidence to show that people in mental turmoil frequently need someone they can talk to, more than anything else. The very act of listening to them helps reduce the trauma they feel. Sumaitri is a voluntary organisation that literally lends a willing ear to those who are depressed. It’s a free service with no links to any religious or political entity and offers it’s services 24 hours a day for every day of the year. People like you and me who are willing to help can volunteer to give 5 hours of their time to this noble cause.

If you are in and around New Delhi and wish to support this cause in any way you can, please contact them directly. The time you spare could well save a life which is precious to someone.