The strength of organisations are severely tested when their top talent leave. Years ago when MindTree Consulting, as it was then called was formed, it was largely made up of Wipro veterans including Mr. Ashok Soota, then Vice Chairman of Wipro. Today we hear that the Co-Founder & Executive Chairman is leaving MindTree at the end of March 2011. Newspaper articles aver that his move is to  pursue other business interests which have not naturally been divulged just yet.

The acid test for MindTree will be to weather the storm that will inevitably have to  face. It is entirely conceivable that employees and customers could leave with those who leave the organisation. Wipro weathered the storm pretty well in those days when Ashok Soota and a few other key executives left to form MindTree. I am confident MindTree will be able to do the same. People will come and people will go but strong organisations, like Lord Tennyson’s famous river, “will go on for ever”.