It was way back in Feb 2008 that I wrote what turned out to become one of my most read posts. It was about ineffective team members. Isn’t it scary that oodles of cash, the best of technology or the hottest product idea get you nowhere if you are not backed by an effective team? A recent conversation with an old friend who is running his own business now highlighted that some things, like ineffective team members, simply don’t change!

He was sharing his troubles with me. He spoke of how he had struggled to market his ideas, raise capital and went on to say how frustrating it was for him to get everything together but the most important factor for success- the people on his team. His fear was that his team was not pulling together and that a couple of people could well be hindering all his efforts to make his company a successful one.

As he spoke, I remembered that I had written about this earlier and mentioned this to him. This is largely for his benefit and perhaps will help many others who are grappling with this problem. I realize that I run the risk of irritating old readers, but I make an exception today and re-post this one about Ineffective Team Members. Ignore this at your peril, as my friend will testify!