Watching organisations grow and slow down is quite fascinating. This underlines the inevitable conclusion that like human beings, organisations too must grow and die. However, unlike human beings, organisations have the option of re-inventing themselves, getting acquired or acquiring others to increase their competitiveness and consequently their longevity. The skills needed at each phase of the organisation – from start-up through candidate for take over due to lack of profitability- are quite different. Indeed, the mind-set of CEOs need to be different during the different phases in the life of an organisation.

Reading The Economic Times, it was interesting  to read how Google, the hottest start-up of  1998 is now is fighting hard to retain its best talent. Is it showing the inevitable signs of aging? In the last 5 years it has grown from 5000 employees to over 23, 000. It’s revenues have shot up from $3.2 billion to over $ 23 billion. Daniel H. Pink, puts it so beautifully when he says” It’s a short step from scale to sclerosis”