These findings shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Findings presented at the American Heart Association meeting at Chicago recently indicated that women who reported high job strain faced a 40 % increase in cardiovascular disease and a 88 % increase in heart disease. As Dr. Michelle A. Albert of the Harvard Medical School puts it ” You can’t get rid of stress but you can manage it”.

Facing heavy work pressure in addition to being a wife, mother and home maker is certainly taking a toll for many women struggling to cope with increasing demands made on them at the workplace. More and more organisations recognizing this are looking at alternates such as telecommuting and working from home to keep their women employees motivated and productive. More often than not, it is the woman who gives up her career or sacrifices career opportunities in the interests of her family. The cases of men who do the same may be increasing but are really the exception rather than the rule.

It is the understanding and support of the spouse and a mutual appreciation of each other’s difficulties that help couples tide over peaks of work pressure that are inevitable.  Here are some tips from Dr. Michelle Albert herself on managing stress for women.