No, it has nothing to do with Talent Management or Executive Coaching, I am afraid! My first published book is a novel and a thriller at that. It Can’t Be You is being published by Cedar Books, imprint of Pustak Mahal, New Delhi, one of India’s largest publishers. The book should be out in the market towards the end of November/early December 2010.

The different stages in the journey from manuscript to completed book have been quite fascinating, each with its own set of challenges. The first challenge was in actually writing it, all 80,000 + words which make up the book. As mentioned earlier, I used the National Novel Writing Month of 2009 to churn out 50,000 + words in November 2009. This formed the foundation of the novel which was then expanded and edited.

The second challenge was to find someone interested enough in the book to publish it. I first went the query route like everyone else. I struck a deal with Cedar Books when they showed interest in publishing my work. This phase took a few months. This was done on my own initiative and I remain unagented!

The third challenge comes up in designing the book cover and getting the book ready. Here, the onus is largely on the publisher but I have contributed with my ideas and views.

The fourth and biggest challenge will come soon. Marketing the book in a crowded market place. It Can’t Be You is scheduled to be launched late November/early December 2010. It will be available on Amazon etc to be downloaded off the net .

More on this in future posts.