I have started a blog called ” Writing To Be Read ” which I hope many of you will follow. In this I hope to blog about an interest I have had all my life- for reading books and for writing- which have given me countless hours of enjoyment. Convalescing after my heart surgery in July 2010 gave me a fair amount of time for introspection and reflection. I realized that God had been kind to me. As on May 2010, I had worked for 36 years on the trot- 26 years as a corporate executive and 10 years as a first generation entrepreneur.

W hile I shall continue to be an avid blogger, I shall curtail my professional responsibilities – as an executive coach and management consultant over a period of time. The good news is that I shall have more time for an old passion- writing.

They talk about second careers, don’t they? Wish me well as I embark upon mine….