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The reason I have been off air for the last few months is because I am recovering from a CABG or Coronary Artery Bypass Graft surgery. This was expertly carried out by Dr. Vivek Jawali and his team at Bangalore’s Fortis Hospital on Bannerghatta Road on July 1, 2010. Dr. Jawali is a renowned expert in the field who has done more than 18,000 such operations.

I am glad to say that the medical and nursing facilities at Fortis were excellent.

I had written in February sometime that the specialists had diagnosed that I needed a coronary artery bypass graft surgery. A second opinion at that time showed I could afford to wait for some more time.

A slump in May-June with symptoms of gasping and breathlessness made me hasten to the specialists once again. They advocated a CABG without further delay as I was at risk in the event of another heart attack. I am so glad that I went through with the surgery.

I am on my way to a complete recovery. I have been advised that I can resume my full activities in October 2010. My thanks to many friends and professional contacts who wished me a safe and speedy recovery.