Tips for Globalising Indians is the blurb for ” Not For $ Anymore” by Kalyan Vaidya, an old friend from my Wipro days. Kalyan is the head of his own management consulting firm based in Singapore called Valinnova. The book at 140 pages is slim and can be read very quickly. For a very reasonable price of Rs. 150 ( published by Cedar Books), this collection of tips, personal reminiscences and anecdotes puts together a lot of value for the reader, particularly those whose work takes them to Asian countries.  A topper from the prestigious College of Engineering, Guindy in Chennai and an MBA from Rutgers, in the course of his career, Kalyan has held senior and top managerial positions in a variety of organisations in India and abroad.

I was happy to see that Kalyan has distilled a lot of experience in simple terms and there lies the beauty of his book. It is very difficult to write in simple language! This is what Kalyan has achieved. Each article is short, simply written and carries a piece of advice.

Working relationships spanning diverse cultures and international settings- real or virtual-are an integral part of the lives of most professionals these days. I am sure Kalyan’s book will find a wide and appreciative audience.