Have you read this interesting analysis of types of organizations ? Take a look at this recent article titled ” The Four Levels of Organizational Resilience” in the Economic Times.  A few things strike me as being so very important:-

  • Organizations reflect the attitudes of their employees. In many organizations, employees are nowhere as customer centered as their organization imagine them to be
  • There is often a disconnect between what organizations profess to be and what they really are- especially when it comes to customer issues. In other words, we say one thing and do something else. We don’t practice what we preach.
  • Reward systems are tied to successes based on the perceptions of the organization- not those of the customer. Consequently, people gun for rewards by doing things in the best interest of the organization which are not necessarily in the best interests of the customer!

These factors frequently contribute to a high degree of cynicism when we speak of customer orientation, not just amongst employees but amongst customers themselves.

Organizations can best serve their customers and their employees as well by being pragmatic in making – and more importantly, keeping commitments.