One comes across interesting people from time to time. This story from the Economic Times reads like the pages of a novel. A Frenchmen called Christian Fabre comes to Chennai in India way back in 1971. He lives well along with the other expatriates until Government regulations of that time bring his business to a halt. In a few years time he finds himself with a broken marriage and penniless. Today he is Swami Pranavananda Brahmendra Avaduthawhose Chennai-based garment buying house , Christian Fabre Textiles Pvt Ltd, acts as a facilitator between foreign brands and local manufacturers. They help their clients across the value chain, from design to manufacturing. At a recent international fashion show, his saffron-coloured dhoti and shawl made a fashion statement.

Ponder on:

  • How priorities change depending on how we are placed in life
  • How people see things differently only when something affects them personally
  • How you can do well in business and be a good human being

I came across this interview “The Business Swami” Christian/Swami Pranavananda gave to CNN.

Robin Sharma tells us about the other, more famous monk who sold a Ferrari, here’s one who deals in fashion.