Here’s some good news on the personal front. Delighted to share that a “second opinion” and treatment following that indicates that I may not have to rush for a coronary artery bypass graft surgery after all! It underscored for me the value of getting a second opinion. It really helped me and could help others in such a predicament too.  Here are my thoughts:-

  • Don’t feel embarrassed: it’s the “done thing” to get a second opinion. Don’t feel embarrassed and worry what the first specialist or anyone else might say. This concerns your life and your health.
  • Look around: Don’t go to the first ” second opinion” in sight. Within the constraints of time- you don’t have all the time in the world to do exhaustive research- settle for someone who best meets your needs. The key is “best meets your needs”. It isn’t to suggest that others are bad. It all depends on your circumstance.
  • Take counsel but don’t get confused: Every one means well- your relatives, your friends and many others. Every one has a story to tell. Take counsel but don’t take so many opinions that you are left totally confused. What worked for someone may not quite work for you. Each patient is unique. Learn from the experiences of others, but go with your gut.
  • Your own chemistry: the doctor- patient relationship is based on trust and trust emerges from confidence. If the chemistry is good and you feel comfortable with the doc. half the battle is won. You must trust him/her implicitly and not hide anything from him/her.

It’s nice to be back on the road.