* A GDP of around $ 3 trillion

* The 8th largest economy in the world

* 400 people per sq.km

These and more are what T.N. Ninan sees India being in 2020- a decade from now. To readers in India, T.N.Ninan needs no introduction. He was the Editor of the Economic Times and is today the Editor & Publisher of the Business Standard.

Here are some interesting insights in his article ” India in 2020“.

I believe key to success will be :-

  1. Political stability- with economic progress has come realization that political stability has become the need of our times. Despite many problems we continue to the largest democracy in the world. We cherish the freedom we have.
  2. Growing Inequalities-Political stability has triggered successful economic growth. However, sometimes one wonders where we are heading towards- with the gap between the haves and the have nots reaching unprecedented levels.
  3. Social Maturity – Will our civic sense develop as we chase each other in this maddening world? The new mantra in India seems to have become ” get- at any costs”.

We are on the threshold of very exciting times.