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I like this idea of using lessons from tennis to describe mistakes we commit in our careers. That’s what Jeffrey A. Krames does when he writes about the 7 Worst Career Mistakes You Can Make. A well compiled list with mistakes all of us can relate to as we have come across them in our careers.

Building on this theme, some of the common ” unforced errors” I have seen include:

1. Not studying the opponent  adequately: Have the humility to understand the opponent’s game.  Each has his/her strengths and styles of playing. We often walk into business situations unprepared- either through overconfidence or sheer laxity.

2.  Being versatile in all kinds of surfaces: The greatest tennis stars have been at ease on all kinds of surfaces. They are not grass court specialists or clay court experts. In business too, you come across different stages of growth, the ups and downs inevitable in growing your business, the ace is adept in all situations and not only when circumstances are favourable.

Here were my thoughts, would you like to add yours? It’s your turn to serve!