Good news is around the corner for executives in India. So it would appear from the results of the latest survey by Hewitt. It says that the biggest pay hike in the Asia Pacific region in 2010 will be in India.

Indians are to get an increase in base pay of about 10 % said this survey which covered over 2000 companies in the Asia Pacific region.  This comes after China and India- the two fastest growing large economies in the world -gave only 4.5 % and 6.3 % increase on base pay this year. This was the lowest figure since 2005.

Another news item that caught my attention relates to Religare. As a retention strategy the group appears to have dished out luxury cars like BMWs and Mercedes -worth over Rs. 20-lakhs ( Rs.100,000 = 1 lakh) to its CEOs.

I am convinced that however tough the market situation may be- there will always be a place- at a price of course- for top talent. You need to figure out- are you in this select pool?