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What does India mean to you? No, not just to people who have visited here but the many others who have not. I read with interest a blog post by Kamini Banga in the Economic Times called ” Incredible India! And The Long Road Ahead”. Kamini is an expert in Marketing and Branding.

Apart from the Big Three of IT, Bollywood and Indian food that Kamini writes of- I think the world also now knows India for it’s cricket team- particularly after the advent of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and for cricket. This game is a big contributor- directly and indirectly to the economy. Also more recently, long awaited recognition is being showered on the ISRO- India’s Space Research Organization- for the recent discovery of water on the moon.

We have always known that India had some fantastic scientists working with rather limited means.

Another amazing area where India truly shines is it’s human resource potential. It has a huge population of youth. Estimates claim that as much as 51 % of India’s population is under the age of 25 and about 66 % under the age of 35. This has tremendous ramifications for the economy, more so when other countries have a relatively older “greying” workforce.

If we are able to harness the potential of today’s youth and provide them with the right skills and attitudes, there will be no stopping India and we will truly be “Incredible India”.