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If the placement of headlines in the  newspapers these days are anything to go by, people like me- and I hope there are many- will be amazed at the misplaced priorities.

Today’s DNA- by the way, I ordinarily really like this paper- has an article on the first page which speaks of India’s cricket coach, Gary Kirsten exhorting his players that sex helps performance on the field. Tucked in much later in the paper is a news item that shocked me.

In the industrial town of Coimbatore, Roy George, a 45 year old Vice President of Human Resources at an auto parts manufacturing company- Pricol– was killed by striking workers. We don’t know the details so can’t really comment whether the management was justified or not in sacking some workers. Whatever be the cause, there is absolutely no justification for the striking workers to indulge in such a dastardly and deadly assault resulting in loss of a precious life.

Dealing with agitated workmen calls for enormous composure and skill. One doesn’t quite know what happened that day at Coimbatore- but it will go down as a black day in the annals of India’s industrial relations. As one among the HR community, my heartfelt condolences go out to Mr. George’s family.

It’s quite an absurd thought really but I couldn’t help thinking : if according to Kirsten sex gives rise to aggressive behaviour and more energy, these workmen in Coimbatore that day must have had lots of it.