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Cheers to young Pankaj Advani of Bangalore for winning the World Professional Billiards Championship for the first time. This is another terrific achievement for the 24 year old.  The fact that his victory was over the defending champion, Mike Russell made the win that much more special.

Pankaj had not been able to get past the quarter finals in his last two attempts to this prestigious world title. It speaks immensely of his confidence and commitment that he triumphed over Russell, a nine-time World Champion.

To me, Pankaj embodies the spirit of the youth of today’s India. They are supremely confident and ready to take on the world. It is heartening too to see that Pankaj has not let so much success at a young age go to his head- as has been the case with many other people in sport. He continues to be dedicated to his craft.

His age is that of a student, his prowess that of a master.