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The compulsions of holding down a job during tough economic times need hardly be underscored. When you work in an organisation, you do build a certain equity in that organisation- amongst your peers, your team members and certainly amongst your supervisors. Call that your Personal Equity. Getting out of a job and getting into another means throwing away the equity you have earned over time due to your efforts and contributions.

When you start in another job, you need to learn the rules of the game in the new organisation. The culture you were familiar with and perhaps thrived on may quite well be very different in your new organisation. Things that you took for granted in Company A may be unknown in Company B and so on.

The secret is not that you should not leave your job for ever. It it to make ceratin that you know what you are heading for when you decide to change jobs. Make sure what you stand to gain in the new organisation gives you more than what you lose by resetting your Personal Equity to zero.

In a somewhat related issue I find from an article by Michael Luo in the New York Times that by and large people who are laid off find it difficult to ever reach their original incomes again. I realize that being laid off is quite different from actively seeking and taking up another job but aren’t we talking about personal equity here too? Wherever you go, you need to start from scratch.