I am an avid follower of lists. Out of professional interest as well as a curiosity to find out ” who’s in ” and “who’s out” , I keep a tab on lists to the extent I can. Here’s one you may like: The Best Places to Work in India for 2009 brought to you by the Economic Times in association with the Great Places To Work Institute.

The Top Ten in India as per this list:

  1. RMSI Private Ltd
  2. Intel
  3. Federal Express
  4. Aviva Life Insurance
  5. Google
  6. Qualcomm India
  7. Marriott Hotels
  8. American Express
  9. Network Appliance Systems
  10. NTPC Limited

The Top 25 in rank order are here. Is the company you thought very hot as an employer here? Are there any major suprises for you? I am glad to see that NTPC Limited – a public sector company in India- has made it to the Top 10 given the conservative and stodgy image that we typically have of enterprises run by the Government.