Many raised their eye brows when Azim Premji, Chairman of Wipro announced about a year ago that the Indian IT giant would henceforth have not one but two CEOs. Has the experiement worked? So it seems from this interview with Girish Paranjpe and Suresh Vaswani in the Economic Times.Wipro recently announced better than expected results with profits up more than 11 % and sales up by more than 6 % in a tough environment. Wipro has about 98,000 employees world wide and is looking to increase the percentage of locals in its international operations. Currently about 30 % of the employees abroad are locals.

Girish and Suresh have worked well together principally because their areas of operations are clearly demarcated. In addition, they are working in areas of their strengths. I am sure if there is any need to bring in an arbitrator, there can be none better than the Chairman himself.