I am delighted to host the Carnival of HR on August 5, 2009. Started by the Evil HR Lady, back in 2007, the Carnivals have been a lot of fun over the years giving readers an impressive amount of information from many diverse bloggers. If you would like your blog post to be featured, send me a mail: bprao@people1stconsulting.com.

What I enjoy most about  HR carnivals is that they bring to the fore issues relating to a zillion aspects of HR. If you thought HR was a bore and only about recruiting and compensation or all about hiring and firing, look again. I can assure you that the sheer width of topics discussed make for interesting and educative reading.

If you are new to HR Carnivals, have a look at the last one hosted by Effortless HR. How a Carnival of HR works is nicely described by Susan Heathfield in her Human Resources blog.

Join the fun and frolic! Make your presence known in the Carnival of HR on August 5. Looking forward to your contributions:)