Most of us have tried every search engine that has come up during the last few years- and stayed with Google. One more is set to compete with Google- this one is from a biggie- Microsoft. Named Bing the search- or should one say “decision”  engine is scheduled to be formally launched on June 3. Whether Bing will open with a bang remains to be seen.

It is estimated that Google has as much as 64 % of the search market. Yahoo is a distant second with 20.4 %. It will need something special for Bing to break into the search market. Whether Bing will -in due course- become a verb just as google and xerox have- remains to be seen.

We should not underestimate a product even before its formal launch. Let’s see how it goes. Yet a wag has mentioned that the name BING expands to an unfortunate acronym “But It Isn’t Google”.