One thing is for sure. Bad times don’t last forever.  The recession that has hit people all over the world has changed the way people think.  Peter Roche, Executive Coach and Founding Partner of  The London Perret Roche Group has an interesting post ” What Do You Want To Be When The Recession Is Over?”

I recognize that a large number of  people  are wrestling with changes in their lives brought about by the recession. I must admit that not all have been equally affected. Yet there is a common theme- as reflected in Peter’s post. What do I do to make things better when things get better?

I have advised people to aim to be “better off ” post recession. In conversation, being better off means different things to different people. Some are looking to start on their own, others to change their line of work etc. You need to go back to basics and do an honest evaluation of both your plans and your capabilities.

Bad times bring out the best in us.