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Like every other country in these exciting and demanding times, India too is changing and changing fast. But with economic prosperity comes the danger of burn out or working yourself to illness or worse still- death. A recent report from the Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry in India ( ASSOCHAM)  says work related ailments like heart disease, strokes and diabetes will cost India as much as $ 160 billion between 2009 and 2015.

One of the main reasons for ill health is increased pressure on the job. The report says that deaths due to chronic diseases could exceed 7 million in 2015. The main causes for the spurt are poor eating habits, the lack of exercise and consumption of tobacco.

Our diets are not at all healthy and grabbing a quick bite of greasy fast food every day with the excuse of  being ” too busy to eat ” is the surest way of spoiling your health. Experts say that you cannot afford to skip breakfast even if you miss lunch or at worst have a light lunch. Many do the opposite and skip breakfast to get to work on time.

Everyone works hard to make a buck but the target income keeps becoming bigger even as you work harder. I was amused to read in the Economic Times that Rs. 100,000 or I lakh in India is no longer called ” high value”. For your cheque to be termed as high value and get processed faster in India’s banking system, it should be above Rs. 500,000 from May 2009 and above Rs. 10,000,000 from August 2009.

Take your pick. Good health and low income or high income and poor health. I am of course exaggerating to make a point. The secret is for you to draw up your life and career goals. And work out a meaningful strategy to achieve  these goals sensibly.

Executive coaches like me can help you do this more effectively.