In TechRepublic, Polly Schneider Traylor writes of 10 ways you can support your CEO. Although the article is directed towards CIOs, in my view it is as applicable for any senior executive working for the CEO. Isn’t it interesting that while outwardly all are supposed to be on the same page, in reality there is a lot of variance in most organisations?

The variance can also be attributed to the differing personality profiles of the executives concerned. Often we work best with those who think like us and have the same preferences. This can lead to the formation of cliques in the management team.

Secondly, working together has many cultural nuances. I have often found that the problem faced in making adjustments to meet others’ needs is not an issue of business /technical competence, but one of individual preferences for a certain type of culture that they like or would thrive in.

Wouldn’t you agree that the best of people in a poor work culture are unlikely to give off their best?