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I often use the old analogy of owls and larks when it comes to a discussion on how we manage ourselves- before we manage time. Some of us by inclination are larks- early morning people who are at our best and brightest early in the day but tend to fade away as the day becomes longer. Others are owls- night birds who are uncomfortable with too early a start in the mornings but can plug on until very late at night.

Recent research at the University of Liege in Belgium seems to suggest that while it may be the early bird that catches the worm, it is the night owl that lasts the distance.  In the research, early birds and night owls were pitted against each other in tasks designed to measure attention and reaction times. The researchers found that the larks turned in four hours before the owls. In the initial stages both did equally well but ten hours in to the day, it was the night birds that shone-being more alert and quicker in their tasks.

So the next time someone hollers at you for being lazy and lolling in bed in the mornings, tell them that you will perhaps outstay they who have got up much earlier!