“Is This The Time To Choose A Career Dream ?” asks business coach Pamela Slim in the New York Times.  She writes of a few people who have actually made good use of difficult times to choose what they really wished to do.

In recent times, lay offs and pink slips have compelled people to re-visit career options. I know of tech experts who normally would never have ventured into the somewhat uncertain future of entrepreneurship. Certainly not when they held down high paying jobs in large companies. Things changed when they were shown the door and guess what? They realized that they were better off on their own.

The need to bring in a constant flow of money to keep bread on the table has compelled many to change their life styles. Single people- men and women- who valued their independence have gone back to their parents/larger families which they had left some years ago as a sign of financial independence.

A laid off  executive has recently set himself a deadline to write a novel- something which he has yearned of doing for years. Others have found ways to multi-task more effectively- bringing back old skills and interests to the fore.

Yes, adversity does bring out the best in us.