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Came across a review of a book that looks very promising. “Igniting The Third Factor” by Dr. Peter Jensen. Peter has worked with Fortune 500 companies in 8 countries to enhance performance. He has coached star athletes at the Olympics as well as business leaders across industries. He is the Founder of one of Canada’s premier training companies- Performance Coaching Inc.

Dr. Jensen’ s approach is summarized: Everyone has development potential and the first factor, as is well established, is nature- the physical and mental grounding of a human being.  The second factor is nurture-  the social and environmental elements that shape us as human beings. Culture, family situation, financial strength, education etc are major influences.

Dr. Jensen says individuals have the potential to transcend those two factors through their own actions. That is the third factor: Individuals can make a conscious choice to change and to achieve a higher level. The third factor is the role we as individuals play in our own growth.

“This self-development often happens in time of conflict, when the person becomes dissatisfied in some ways with themselves,” Mr. Jensen writes. “Initially there may be an external conflict, a failure, loss or disappointment, but the person internalizes it, and the dissatisfaction between ‘what is’ and ‘what ought to be’ is the impetus for the emergence of the third factor.”

In developing a staff member, the challenge, he says, is to ignite this third factor within them.

If you look back at many stories of success you have come across you would find that it is this “third factor” that has made the difference.  I personally know of people who have overcome difficulties and improved performance – and their lives by – and here I use Dr. Jensen’s words- ” igniting the third factor “.