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Management guru, Gary Hamel calls today’s generation- the Facebook Generation or Generation F.  Writing in the Wall Street Journal in his column called Gary Hamel’s Management 2.0, he speaks of a generation that has grown up online. In Facebook Generation vs Fortune 500 he asks how organisations can adapt to ways that resonate with today’s generation – who spend huge amounts of time online.

He lists 12 work-relevant characteristics of online life.  In conclusion, he asks what are the web-based social values that you think are most contrary to the managerial DNA  one finds inside a typical corporate giant?

To my mind, clearly speed of decision making and dissemination of information are major differentiators. Generation F is used to getting their info- now! This leads to speed of decision making . By and large, corporates – especially the larger ones-are prone to be slow and ponderous in their communication initiatives as well as in their pace of decision making.

What do you think?