Young professionals who feel that their independence and freedom to innovate have been curtailed, older professionals who feel their experience and ideas are not being given the merit they deserve and assorted others who have their own complaints, often feel the CXO is less than human. He/she is blamed for everything that has gone wrong. Frequently, their image is nothing short of being tyrannical.

Yet spare a thought for the CXOs who work with real constraints to do the best for their organizations. They have their limitations as well.These are not just related to money and material but attributable to their own idiosyncrasies and personality traits.

Here’s where a seasoned Executive Coach can step in.

  • The coach works with the CXO in a time bound assignement to help the CXO discover aspects of their behaviour which perhaps they are not aware of or have deliberately ignored in their quest for ” results “.
  • The coach can be a great sounding board because it is lonely at the top and the CXO uses the coach to bounce off ideas that may need to be debated and tested before being inmplenented.
  • The coach gives objective and highly unbiased feedback- which is something most of them sorely lack.

Let’s remember that the “Monster Boss” is a human too. They have their own fears, their own ambitions and their own pet peeves. They wish they could vent off their feelings like their subordinates do- but they cannot afford to do so because they are always in the public eye.

An effective coach can work along with them to tune up their system as it were and make them more effective. Decisions made by them affect not only themselves but many, many others. They better be good.